Increasing Prevalence of Genetic Disorders Driving the U.S. Genotyping Market Trends

The increasing prevalence of genetic disorders is a major factor driving the growth of the U.S. genotyping market. There are over 6,000 known genetic disorders, with many new ones being described in the medical literature. Numerous rare genetic illnesses exist that have received significantly less attention and could not have been correctly recognized. Both manufactured and natural environments include a multitude of compounds that might be harmful to an individual’s DNA. These agents can be viruses, compounds made by bacteria, fungi, or plants; they can also be industrial chemicals, combustion products, alcohol, UV and ionizing radiation, and even oxygen.

Due to the prolonged nature of exposure to many of these chemicals, humans have evolved defense systems to lessen the harm they cause, as well as techniques for repairing the damage that cannot be avoided. The U.S. genotyping market is growing due to different factors contributing to the increasing number of genetic disorders in the country.

For instance:

  • Down Syndrome: The most frequent chromosomal disorder diagnosed in the U.S. Approximately 5,700 newborns are affected each year, indicating that around 1 in 640 newborns are born with Down syndrome.
  • Sickle Cell Disease (SCD): Estimated to affect between 70,000 and 100,000 Americans, the most prevalent hereditary blood illness. The majority affected are Black or African American, making up over 90% of cases, with the remaining 3% to 9% being Hispanic or Latino. SCD reduces the average life expectancy by more than 20 years.
  • Hereditary Hemochromatosis: Affects about one in 300 persons in the U.S., with approximately one million suffering from type 1 hemochromatosis, one of the most common hereditary illnesses.

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Privacy and Ethical Concerns Restraining Market Growth

There are ethical and privacy concerns associated with genetic data, which can restrict the growth of the U.S. genotyping market. Issues include informed consent, privacy, and secrecy. Concerns about privacy and confidentiality include violations that might result in stigmatization and discrimination in the workplace or health insurance market, and whether to notify family members of a genetic marker for a disease, particularly if the original participant (proband) is unwilling to provide the information.

Integration of AI Creates Growth Opportunities

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a game-changer in DNA analysis, opening new avenues and improving speed and accuracy. The development of AI computational tools to swiftly and effectively diagnose genetic illnesses and offer the data foundation for precision medicine therapies is accelerated by the growing quantity and complexity of genomic sequencing data and other biological data points. AI-based technologies can automate the identification of genetic diseases, reducing costs and speeding up case reviews. Personalized medicine is a key field where genotyping finds use, as AI can analyze an individual’s genetic composition and forecast how they would react to particular drugs.

Report Highlights

Product Insights

  • Reagents & Kits: Dominated the U.S. genotyping market in 2023, including products for molecular biology applications like consumables, kits, and solutions. These goods provide a practical and trustworthy way to examine genetic diversity within and between people, animals, plants, and individual genes.
  • Software and Services: Expected to grow significantly, with services associated with genotyping helpful in genetic data analysis for research, disease analysis, treatment, and other aspects. Various software improves efficiency, accuracy, productivity, and overall performance.

Technology Insights

  • Sequencing: Dominated the U.S. genotyping market in 2023. Technologies for data management and high-throughput sequencing are widely developed. Genome sequencing is used in fundamental studies, translational medicine, vaccine development, and clinical diagnostics.
  • PCR: Held the second-largest share, with numerous genotyping techniques utilizing PCR due to its benefits like lower labor costs, increased throughput, and reduced chance of crossover contamination.

Application Insights

  • Diagnostics and Personalized Medicine: Dominated the market in 2023. Integrating genomics data with patient medical histories and genomes enables the anticipation of disease risk and medicine response, making personalized medicine and treatment possible.
  • Pharmacogenomics: Expected to grow rapidly, studying human genetic composition in pharmaceutical settings to tailor therapy and maximize effectiveness while minimizing side effects. Applications include pain treatment, cardiology, cancer, and psychiatry.

For instance:

  • Igentify: Announced that its Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT) and Pharmacogenomics (PGx) services are available via the DA platform, including highly customized educational videos for patients as part of the NIPT procedure.

End-use Insights

  • Diagnostics and Research Laboratories: Dominated and expected to grow fastest, with genetic testing increasingly utilized. The U.S. established the Genetic Testing Registry to facilitate open access to data on genetic tests and associated labs, with 76,326 genetic tests available as of November 2022.

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